A journey that started with womens saree

In 2016, we started the Cartindia journey by selling Womens saree online. But now, four years later, our story is quite different. Today, Cartindia sell their vendor’s products across 27000 places in India with different sector.

Cartindia announces to all authorized vendor in India to sell their product through our portal.

Cartindia stands for those people who are making Handmade product in India to help those common people who want to sell their product through our portal and also the membership plan are totally Free for them as well as the commission charge would be the half for them.


We are based from Kolkata, India but till now, we don’t have any permanent office yet. Our All employees are working from home during this pandemic situation.

We believe the virtual office is more than powerful than the actual office. It generates the quality work, cost effective which directly affect on the product price as well as the vendor commission price and that’s why the product price is so competitive than the other website as well as the commission charge is so less than the other website.