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Hot And Bold Orignal 7 Chakra Reiki Feng Shui Healing Gem Stone Beads Crystals Charged Bracelet For Unisex Adult

₹471.00 ₹5,499.00 Prime Lowest: ₹471.00
Hot And Bold

  • Clear Quartz Is Known As The "Master Healer" And Will Amplify Energy And Thought, As Well As The Effect Of Other Crystals. It Absorbs, Stores, Releases And Regulates Energy. Clear Quartz Draws Off Negative Energy Of All Kinds, Neutralising Background Radiation, Including Electromagnetic Smog Or Petrochemical Emanations. It Balances And Revitalises The Physical, Mental, Emotional And Spiritual Planes.
  • The Benefits Of Wearing A 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet Are Endless And The Most Important Benefit Is That It Helps You To Bring Awareness To Your 7 Chakras Acting As A Reminder To Keep Them Open At All Time.
  • You Can Use The Bracelet To Channel Your Focus Into Keeping Your Chakras Open And Healthy. Your Mind, Body, And Soul Are All Connected In A Beautiful Circular Manner And Having Awareness Of Each Chakra Can Help Heal Imbalances In One Area Of The Body And Bring All Of The Others Back Into Balance.
  • A Simple, Beautiful And Inspirational Gift For Someone Special (Mom / Dad /Sister / Brother / Love / Girlfriend / Boyfriend). The Quality Of Unique Jewellery Is Excellent A Piece That Others Will Admire. Suitable For , Date, Shopping And All Other Occasions.
  • 3 Months Warranty - Your Hot And Bold Jewellery Is Warranted For A Period Of Three Months From The Orignal Date Of Purchase. Warranty Covers Materials And Manufacturing Defect.

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