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IFB Essentials Fluff Fabric Liquid Detergent -Combo of 2

₹634.00 (₹317.00 / l) ₹720.00 (₹360.00 / l) Prime Lowest: ₹634.00 (₹317.00 / l)

  • IFB essentials Fluff is a low-foam, liquid, laundry detergent, specially developed to deliver superior wash performance in front loader washing machines without affecting their parts
  • Fluff, being in liquid form, is easily soluble and thus avoids detergent residue on clothes and on machine parts this makes fluff ideal for washing delicate fabrics and clothes for babies and people with sensitive skin
  • Fluff has a low foaming formulation specially developed for front loading washing machines
  • Fluff is bleach and phosphate free and hence doesn't damage clothes or washing machine it is also environment friendly
  • Fluff keeps clothes soft and lustrous because of its low alkalinity compared to conventional detergents it is equally suitable for white and coloured fabrics

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