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Livguard Inverter with Smart Artificial Intelligence, Best in Class 3 Years Warranty (LG1100PV Square Wave 900 VA)

₹5,108.00 ₹10,100.00 Prime Lowest: ₹5,108.00

  • Peace of mind with 3 Years Warranty: Industry’1st inverter with 1 year additional warranty than others
  • Artificial Intelligent Charging: Livguard Inverter reads battery's charging voltage, prevents overcharging and applies suitable charging current according to battery type & condition. This ensures longer battery life.
  • Premium New Age Design with LED Display: Featuring an elegant and ergonomic design, the inverter comes with LED Display that indicates Charging status, Overload/Short circuit, Low Battery, ECO/UPS Mode and On/Off.
  • Protective Features: Overload Protection ; Short Circuit Protection ; Battery Deep Discharge Protection ; Smart Thermal Management ; Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) ; Battery Reverse Polarity Protection. These protective features elongates the lifespan of your inverter batteries.
  • Smart AI, Rated Capacity: 900 VA / 12 V ; Maximum Bulb Load: 780 Watt ; Maximum Charging Current: 22A ; Technology: Square Wave ; Dimesions (mm): 275(L) X 242(W) X 124(H). Supports all battery types.ECO & UPS Mode, Dual Sensor Thermal Protect, 4 type Battery selecter switch.

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