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Livguard Inverter with Smart Artificial Intelligence, Best in Class 3 Years Warranty (LGS1100PV Sine Wave 900 VA)


  • Peace of mind with 3 Years Warranty: Industry’1st inverter with 1 year additional warranty than others
  • Pure Sine wave Output: Livguard inverter comes with sine wave technology which provides pure sinewave output. it minimises the risk of damage to sensitive appliances like computers, laptops, refrigerators, ovens and reduces humming noises from fans, lights and other appliances.
  • Artificial Intelligent Charging: Livguard Inverter reads battery's charging voltage, prevents overcharging and applies suitable charging current according to battery type & condition. This ensures longer battery life.
  • Protective Features: Overload Protection ; Short Circuit Protection ; Battery Deep Discharge Protection ; Smart Thermal Management ; Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) ; Battery Reverse Polarity Protection. Thermal Sensors for transformers Protects tranformer from overheating, prevents hazards like inverter catching fire, makes transformer last longer. These protective features elongates the lifespan of your inverter batteries
  • Smart AI, Rated Capacity: 900 VA / 12 V ; Maximum Bulb Load: 780 Watt ; Maximum Charging Current: 22A ; Technology: Pure Sine Wave ; Supports all battery types.ECO & UPS Mode, Dual Sensor Thermal Protect, 4 type Battery selecter switch.

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