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Livguard Recyclable Inverter Battery for Small Office, Home and Small Shops with Maximum Warranty, Long Life and Extra Backup (PT 1554TJ, 150 Ah Jumbo Tubular Battery)

₹12,750.00 ₹17,700.00 Prime Lowest: ₹12,750.00

  • Best-in-class Warranty: 54 months Warranty*
  • Feaures: Battery Type: Short Tubular Jumbo ; Capacity: 150Ah ; Nominal Voltage: 12V
  • Leak Proof Design: High quality leak proof virgin PP-CP plastic is used in livguard batteries making it more durable, Tuff than conventional. Superior heat sealing means more safety and low maintenance.
  • SuperTuff 3D Grid: Livguards SuperTuff 3D Grid design holds negative active material (NAM) 20% longer than conventional Grids making battery last longer.
  • High- Tech Tubular Plate: Premium high quality guantlet provides extra strength to tubular plate, reduces tube bursting and decreases electrical resistance and gives longer back-up output.

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